Troubleshooting Guide

Accuracy Issues

  • Test fire with the muzzle device removed
  • Group your rifle with multiple ammunition loads
  • Check
    • stability of rifle rest
    • Scope and rings are tight and properly installed
    • barrel nut is properly torqued
    • consistent body position and trigger pull

Other Issues

When something isn’t working right in our build it’s important not to miss potential issues as we jump to the answer that’s most likely in our experience and miss the root cause – in Manufacturing this form of problem solving is formalized as it’s human nature to rush to the solution but that can leave potential causes unresolved.

It’s also very important to keep in mind the potential for tolerance stack-up. It is possible for all individual parts to be within their correct tolerances, and, due to some parts falling within tolerance towards the minimum and others towards the maximum, for the rifle as a whole to have issues.

For this reason, we recommend a certified armorer or gunsmith confirm the completed unit is within proper/safe tolerance. At Hughes Ballistics we aim to hold consistent dimensions to avoid tolerance stack-up issues.

  • Visually inspect parts for dirt and debris
    • Chamber
    • Bore
    • Bolt Face
    • Upper Receiver
    • Lower Receiver
    • Magazine
  • Test fire with
    • multiple magazines to ensure it’s not a magazine problem
    • multiple factory loads to eliminate any ammunition issues
  • Check the gas tube is
    • installed correctly and not bleeding at the gas block
    • properly aligned and not binding on the barrel nut, upper receiver, or gas key
    • not leaking significantly from around the gas block journal (some leakage is normal)
    • properly installed over the gas port hole in the barrel
  • Inspect the hammer and trigger pins to ensure they are not broken or walking out of the lower receiver
  • Check the buffer is not binding in the Buffer Tube
  • Inspect the charge handle to ensure it is not bent or catching
  • Check your Bolt Carrier Group isn’t catching in the upper receiver or charge handle channel